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Yamaha was founded in 1887 but started producing motorbikes only in 1955. Their first business was musical instruments manufacturing, and this is still reflected in the symbol which represent the brand: three crossed tuning forks.
Since the very beginning Yamaha was strongly oriented on racing, achieving great success and triumphs on different specialities such as off road, track racing and even African rallies.

Racing spirit is reflected on everyday motorbikes where it merges with a particular care of all details. Having satisfied customers has always been a major goal for the Company. The most famous slogan for Yamaha is “Revs your Heart”, and it immediately recalls speed and racing. Furthermore, it goes very well with the concept of Kendo (a sense of deep satisfaction) which is something shared and very common among Japanese industries. It is possible to say all these concepts are the foundation of Yamaha and what really moves all engineers and technicians in their pursuit of building the best bikes on the market.

The range is very wide, and bikes built are very different from each other, however all of them aim to reach nothing less than perfection. Regardless of talking about on or off-road bikes, top performance, pleasure and customer satisfaction are the final goals for Yamaha. Modern classic bikes are one of the most important models for the last ten years, and it is here engineers are capable of putting together the typical style and fashion required by such bikes with top performance.

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