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Triumph is a very well-known motorcycle brand, likely the most iconic one. The factory was founded in the United Kingdom in 1884, but surprisingly not by Britons. It was thanks to a couple of entrepreneurs from Germany, who moved to Coventry and then decided to start the business. Initially producing just bicycles, only in 1902 they began building motorcycles. Triumph’s history is focused on racing, all kind of racing, from racetracks to speed records.
Thanks to a series of successful movies, the brand became famous worldwide as the bikes were used by Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and recently Richard Gere. All these actors at some point decided to ride Triumph’s bikes in the movies as well as in their free time. In an ideal popularity chart of its models we could definitely put the Bonneville on top of the list. The first edition was built in 1959 and it is still in production until today. Then comes the Speed Triple, a naked bike with a strong personality which has its strengths in style and performance.

Two main engine layouts are being produced by Triumph: a classic V-Twin and a more peculiar three-in-line. The factory has a wide offering when it comes to modern classic bikes, those which can associate features like riding pleasure, quality and safety to that combination of style, elegance and rebellion typically referred to this English brand. Over the years, the factory cleverly revived models bearing evocative names such as Thruxton, Scrambler, Daytona, Bonneville, Rocket to express its own personality, throughout a constant evolution of the two cores that mostly made it appreciated worldwide: the racing spirit and competitiveness; great style and glamour.

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