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MOTOGUZZI is one of the most iconic Italian brands of the last Century, still competitive and recognizable up until today. Unlike other companies which were forced to adapt the production due to the great changes that occurred in the 1900s, the “Eagle” company has always targeted/aimed manufacturing motorcycles. It was founded in Genoa in 1921, but from the very beginning the production was moved to Mandello Del Lario. From a technical point of view, since 1965, the factory has always used a V-Twin engine with 90-degrees inclination fitted traversal on the frame. The idea behind it was not only a technical feature but also a contribution to create a distinctive stylistic continuity: in fact, all MOTO GUZZI bikes are characterized by their unique sound and style.
The racing spirit has always driven the Mandello based factory and this was proved once again when the “Immortal” Omobono Tenni, also called the Black Devil, achieved the historical win in the Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man in 1937. Names such as “La California”, “il Falcone”, “il Galletto”  immediately recall models which have historical significance for the Italian production of the 20th century. Among the various different bike being produced today, a particular mention goes to the V85TT, that recalls the past African rallies. That been said, it is also correct reporting that the true flagship of the current production of the a modern-classic segment are both the V7 and V9. The range includes racing models or more essential options, a perfect base for customization.

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